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Privacy Notice
  MCS is a Mexican group formed by the following companies:
  • Mexican Cargo Sales Representative, S.A. DE C.V.
  • Domestic Air Cargo, S.A. DE C.V.
  • OCE-MCS de México, S.A. DE C.V.
  • Oceánica Logistics Group, S.A. DE C.V.
  • Logistics OCS-MCS, S.A. DE C.V.
  • Mexican Warehouse Support, S.A. DE C.V.
  • International Cargo World de México, S.A. DE C.V.

In MCS Group ("The Company") the information of our clients and potential clients is treated with extremely confidentially and importance, that is why we do a constant effort to protect it.

Personal Information and Ways of Collecting Them:

The company will collect only the personal information that is necessary for our services, this could be: (i) submitted personally (ii) through a third party that has hired our services in your behalf in any of our branches, or (iii) any third party involved in the transportation of your cargo, including airlines or ground transportation.

Personal information could include: name or company´s name; contact information such as address, telephone, office telephone, cellphone, e-mail; description and costs of your cargo; and personal information of your employees or attorneys. We might be requesting third party information such as name and contact for reference or contact in case of emergency.

Use and Transfer of Personal Information:

More than a policy, in our Company we have the philosophy of keeping a close relationship with our clients.

This means that all personal information we gathered, could be used inside or outside Mexico and it might be used directly or indirectly by The Company and/or third parties, or authorities to (i) offer products or services of The Company, (ii) fulfill legal requirements, (iii) for marketing and promotion activities of The Company, (iv) statistics and marketing studies, (v) update our data base for events, send you information about our services, check your credit score or debt collection (vi) if required, your personal information could be transferred to customs authorities, airlines, transportations companies and commercial partners, so that they can contact you and offer you services or product related or unrelated to The Company.

To prevent the unauthorized access and to assure that the personal information will be used only for the stated purposed informed in this privacy notice, we have stablished a strict procedure and we use an advanced technology to ensure the right use of the personal information or unauthorized release of it. You can rely that your personal information will be shared only with the partiers that need it.

You accept that The Company should transfer your personal information to (i) local or international transportation companies, (ii) individual and/or legal entities (iii) custom, airport authorities or any other authorities involved in the handling of the cargo inside or outside Mexico. (iv) Commercial partners.

Access, Update, cancel information or withdraw of consent

All your personal information is managed under Mexico´s current law, this is why you can access, update, cancel information or withdraw consent anytime you want through our address, the following telephone number 01 800 288 2274 or the following e-mail

If you want to, you can choose the best way to get in contact with you, in case that The Company does not know your preferences, The Company will choose in your behalf.

We ask you to consider the following: For your protection and benefits, it is possible that we ask you for additional documentation to perform some updates cancel or access information. (ii) It is possible that The Company may not be able to cancel or block all the information gathered in our system (iii) the update, access, cancel information or withdraw of consent is free, but The Company could ask for a refund if there are any expenses related with shipments or copies needed to meet this petition.

On the following cases you have the right to initiate a legal procedure in IFAI (Federal Institution of Access Information and Data Protection) as long as you meet all the stablish requirements by the current law, (i) when you have required to update, access, cancel information or withdraw consent and you do not receive a reply or confirmation from The Company within the next 20 working days (ii) when you have received a reply from The Company within 15 working days but this does not go with what the current law says.

This privacy notice can be update by The Company whenever necessary; this could be by any updates in the current law or to bring a better service to its clients. This updates will be published on The Company´s webpage and it will be released by mail or e-mail or any other way that The Company chooses.

The company is a Mexican group of companies stablished in the following address: Av. Vallarta 6503-E49, Ciudad Granja, 45010, Zapopan, Jalisco & Francisco Sarabia 18A, Peñón de los Baños, Zip Code 15520, Mexico City.

For any question please contact The Company in the address, telephone number or e-mail written above.

In accordance with the article 8, 9, 13 and 36 of the "Protection of Personal Information in Possession of Third Parties" Law (a) I recognize that I have read and understood this Privacy Notice, (b) I authorize The Company to collect and transfer my personal information for any task described above and (c) I authorize The Company to transfer my personal information to airlines, ground transportation companies, custom or airport authorities, as well as any other company that might be needed to perform any services hired by the Company inside or outside Mexico.

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